Build a strong foundation of function and bulletproof your body to limit your pain.
Our Restore PT program is the perfect place to start if you’ve had an injury that’s limiting your movement or if you’re experiencing pain and want to get back to being able to do the things you love—whether that’s training in the gym, playing sport or just completing everyday movement without limiting pains.
We deliver 5 week programs targeting different common areas of pain such as ankles, knees, hips, back and shoulders. Our qualified rehabilitation coaches will guide you through techniques and exercises each week in our club as well as provide you programming to complete at home to accelerate your recovery.

Limited places available


We focus on understanding your individual movement dysfunctions, muscle imbalances or acute injuries and develop a program to get you back to full function and everyday movement or the hobbies and sports you love


We encounter many knee injuries both severe and minor with common resolutions to get you moving functionally in no time. Not only improve your mobility but build strength in this area to avoid and mitigate injuries in the future.


The hips are a cornerstone of all lower body and full body movement, without full function here not only does training become difficult but so does everyday movement. Increase your understanding of the hips and how to improve their function.


Backs can often be debilitating and without the right course of action can take significant time to recover. If you'd like to not have to think about how restrictive your back is on a daily basis this is the program for you.


Without having full function of your shoulders upper body movement and any overhead movement becomes near impossible. Learn about how to resolve your shoulder issues and improve strength in a typically weak area of your body.


Limited places available


We’re sure you’ve heard it all before; promises of results and lifelong change, yet everything you seem to do or try, does not work. We understand that everyone is different, from your unique body shape through to the type of exercise and nutrition that suits you best. We provide personalised plans based on your individual goals along with community support to allow you to live in the best health, love your body and do it an easy stress free way that is right for you.