Immerse yourself into a transformative experience for mind and body on our FIT ACADEMY Retreat. We strive to transform your perspective on health so you walk away with a newfound appreciation for how you treat your mind and body.
Challenge your understanding and step slightly outside of your comfort zone to see the growth you may not have experienced before. Foster lifelong relationships, lessons, and achievements that will adapt you for the better and teach you things about yourself you didn’t even know you could learn.
Our retreats are a commitment, not just a holiday. Come with an open mind and if you do, you will get an incredible amount from it. Once you express your interest, we will select those that are most committed to seeing a change.

Limited places available


Transform your approach to health through our core retreat components.


Learn about your unique body and how it moves optimally in space. Build a connection to your body like never before and walk away with a meticulous understanding of how it works and what do to when it's not!


Increase your knowledge base on food and how to cook both simple and more gourmet meals so you can always be prepared to align your intake to what your body requires most.


Gain more understanding for how your mindset plays a role in your everyday behaviours, what you truely value and how to capitalise on this to see the positive progress in your health you desire. Learn more about what suits your healthtype and how to be acutely aware of the negative and positive impacts on it and what to do about them.


We will take you on adventures to explore nature and connect with one another on a new level. This is an opportunity to explore how you like to socialise, interact with others and the world around us. This can have a profound impact on your mental and physical health for the positive.

Limited places available


Limited places available


3 days and 2 nights; Friday to Sunday.

Carpooling from FIT ACADEMY.

Just clothes, toiletries and an open mind to learn more about yourself and others on the retreat.

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Limited places available