Our model has been developed with industry-leading exercise trends coupled with quality equipment and experienced coaches. We will adapt to your needs to ensure you're receiving the right attention during your fitness journey. Walk, jog, run, or ride, you set your own pace and your heart rate will show us your growing potential.


Elite equipment, freshly mixed music and motivational coaches make the FIT ACADEMY environment the most energetic fitness environment around. Our club offers cardio machines, plenty of free weights and floor space for sessions of 10 to 20 people. Our club also has a seperate WELLNESS ACADEMY STUDIO for Yoga and meditation classes.


At FIT ACADEMY, you’ll feel the energy of a group workout with the attention from an experienced personal coach or Yoga teacher. All of our team members are knowledgeable, encouraging and are committed to helping you meet your fitness goals. Our experienced coaches provide options that allow you to safely perform movements that work around any physical issues.



Change your life by learning the exercises and food your unique body needs to function at it's healthiest. The most incredible part is the information and recommendations you receive are 100% customised to YOU - based on your genetics, your lifestyle, and your current state of health.


Knowledge is power! Not only do we like to ensure our members are training safely and are performing optimal movement but we also empower them through education. We run workshops and seminars on a regular basis on everything from Mindset to Recovery, Pain Management and Lifting.


Our expert coaches will be by your side every step of the way to ensure you are getting RESULTS! We also use MYZONE, an innovative, wearable heart rate system to track your fitness levels more accurately than ever.


To ensure you have access to not only the best quality health, fitness and wellbeing advice and guidance out there but also the greatest variety, we have forged a team like no other. We’d like to share this team with you so when you step into our club you have some friendly faces you will recognise. 


FA Owner, Head of Strength and Conditioning, Functional Training Coach

Background: Sam has spent over a decade in the fitness industry and 100’s of hours studying everything from rehab and corrective movement to strength and conditioning, olympic lifting and functional training. He previously competed as a Muay Thai fighter and has spent many years training in a multitude of martial arts.

Specialities: Sam enjoys guiding people through rehab to restore human movement and live pain free. He is also passionate about supporting athletes in their strength and conditioning endeavours and loves teaching people new movements such as gymnastics and lifting.


Club Manager, Head of Wellness, Pilates Instructor, Functional Training Coach, Membership Admin

Background: Michelle’s love for movement started at an early age as a dancer. With her own personal history of related dance injuries, Pilates played an important role in her rehabilitation. She went on to become a certified Pilates Instructor and Fitness Coach.

Specialities: She is qualified in pre/post-natal training and has a passion for helping people grow stronger, feel good, move pain free through movement and accomplish what they’d always thought was impossible.


Strength and Conditioning / Functional Training Coach

Background: Brendan has spent close to a decade in the fitness industry, beginning with placement within the fitness teams of high level organisations such as the Melbourne Storm whilst studying for his Bachelor’s of Exercise Science and Human Movement, which he graduated from in 2015. Brendan is also an ASCA accredited Strength and Conditioning coach and an ESSA accredited Exercise Scientist. During his career Brendan has worked with all types of clientele, from elite athlete to the gym newbie and everything in between.

Specialities: Brendan’s areas of expertise include strength coaching, athletic development and rehabilitation. No matter their background, Brendan loves implementing his knowledge to help people achieve their goals.


Strength and Conditioning / Functional Training Coach

Background: Josh is a passionate strength and conditioning coach with a drive to help athletes and general population clients realise and achieve their full potential both in and out of the gym. Having worked with a variety of demographics from junior and senior athletes to weekend warriors to clinical populations, Josh has the knowledge and skills to cater for all.

Specialities: Having completed a Bachelor in Exercise and Sports Science and ASCA Level 1, Josh has a specific interest in athletic development and Olympic lifting.


Strength and Conditioning / Functional Training Coach

Background: Maddie has spent the last several years consolidating knowledge on how and why the body moves and performs the way it does, through her Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science. She has completed hundreds of hours of placements coaching a vast range of clientele from junior elite athletes to those just starting out in strength and conditioning. Maddie has also has previously trained in Muay Thai Kickboxing for a number of years.

Specialities: Maddie enjoys helping people change the way they look at health and fitness, particularly for women, and wants to shift the focus from the aesthetic goals to those of feelings of empowerment and higher wellbeing. Further, she loves motivating and uplifting the people around her by helping them achieve and exceed their goals.


At FIT ACADEMY we believe you don’t need to destroy your body to get results but the opposite; carefully look after it and apply stress appropriately. 

 We have two key areas to support a well-balanced approach; Strength and Conditioning and Wellness. These two concepts allow us to build strength and increase fitness, while also taking care of the body, recovering well and improving your mobility and flexibility, releasing muscle tension and activating dormant or inactive muscles to prevent injuries.

 In order to achieve all this we have a wide variety of professionals at our club with vast experience to ensure we bring you the most well-rounded approach to achieve your goals. 

In addition to our excellent coaching team, we have a number of allied health professionals to support you in all areas of health and wellbeing;




Mindset Coach


Peak Performance and Stress Management Coach


An important element of our club is rewarding those who remain consistent and committed to their health and fitness and achieving the results they set out to—whether physical, mental or skill based. Not only do you get a badass photo with one of our coaches but you also get a piece of FA merch relevant to your status.

Achieving the MYZONE Status and required MEP’s (MYZONE EFFORT POINTS*) is only one element to upgrading your FIT ACADEMY status as you will see outlined below.

(To achieve each status you must earn at least 1300 MEPs each month. If you do not hit 1300 MEPs in any given month, your status will drop down to 0. You maintain your current status, but lose any months you have gained towards attaining the next status.)


Pat on the back + a crisp high five


FA Drink Bottle with Bronze Logo + Cool photo with your coach


FA Singlet with Silver Logo + Badass photo with your coach


FA Singlet with Gold Logo + Even More Badass photo with your coach


FA Platinum Singlet + Total Badass photo with your coach


FA Diamond Singlet + Full Badass photo with your coach


FA HoF Hoodie personalised with your name + Extreme Badass photo with your coach

*MEP’s refer to the points you earn from being in certain heart rate zones. See the below photos for what each heart rate zone means and how many points you earn in it.

**TROPHY sessions are our benchmarking sessions where we measure your improvements in your strength and conditioning.

***Performance Series are short workouts you can complete to test your strength and conditioning.