Short term commitment for long term gain!
Our 8 Week Series (8WS) program is all about teaching you what suits your body best, learning new skills, building new habits and challenging your strength and conditioning, getting you real lasting results and on the path to sustainable change.
With plenty of variety and multiple streams to choose from, you can’t go wrong in whatever your health and fitness goals are. Let us know what results you’re wanting to achieve and we’ll provide you will all the education, accountability, training and nutrition advice you need to get there across an 8 week period and beyond!

Limited places available


If you're wanting to:

  • Increase your strength and build muscle then this program is for you!
  • Group sessions are adapted for you to cater to a more strength focus.
  • Build muscle through recovery and nutrition.
  • Your very own personalised PT program on strength training.
  • Workshops to educate you on improving your technical lifts and how to get the best out of your body.


If you're wanting to:

  • Increase your fitness and aerobic capacity and lose weight, this program is for you!
  • Group sessions are adapted for you to cater to a more conditioning focus.
  • Lose body fat through recovery and nutrition.
  • Your very own personalised PT program on conditioning.
  • Workshops to educate you on improving your aerobic capacity and fat burning zones.


If you're wanting to:

  • Increase your mobility.
  • Improve your range of motion.
  • Decrease stiffness and pain
  • Or learn a new skill this program is for you!
  • Group sessions are adapted to assist you with decreasing pain through recovery.
  • Focus on new movements you can complete with your own body weight.
  • Your very own personalised PT program on skill-based training of your choice.
  • Workshops to educate you on improving your chosen skill or mobility.


If you're wanting to:

  • Gain overall fitness and wellbeing.
  • Get back on track with your health and fitness.
  • Feel good and challenge yourself then this program is for you!
  • We will guide you with all things training, nutrition, mindset and recovery.
  • Guaranteed RESULTS.
  • Unlimited access to our group sessions.
  • One personal training session each week.
  • Workshops throughout the 8 weeks to inspire and educate you.



We get you moving between 3-6 times per week depending on your lifestyle and level through group sessions, personal training sessions, and a wide variety of specialty classes such as pilates, yoga, kickboxing, gymnastics, and Olympic lifting.


Through our personalised health platform, we provide you with specific nutrition advice not only based on your goals but specific to your particular body type - because we are all different and there's no one approach that works for everyone!


We ensure our approach is holistic by closely monitoring your recovery as well as your training as this is where you see the most growth! We provide you the most up-to-date and scientifically-based research on how to recover your body and mind best so you're always feeling at the top of your game.


Each member is assigned their own personal coach AND put onto a team of members for support and our signature community feel. This helps to keep you on track and accountable with regular check ins with your coach and 1:1 consultations at the start and end of the 8 weeks. In addition, this program is a head to head challenge with our sister club; Peachi PT so there's plenty of fun and games with a little competition to keep you engaged!

Limited places available


Limited places available


We’re sure you’ve heard it all before; promises of results and lifelong change, yet everything you seem to do or try, does not work. We understand that everyone is different, from your unique body shape through to the type of exercise and nutrition that suits you best. We provide personalised health coaching based on your individual goals and epiginetics to allow you to live in the best health, love your body and do it an easy stress free way that is right for you.

The official start date is Monday 31st May but the quicker you sign up the more free training you will get until then!

Complete the registration form and one of our team will be in contact with you.

The 8 Week Challenge is open to all fitness levels and abilities. You must, however, be at least 18 years of age to participate. 

You have unlimited access to over 40 strength and conditioning sessions, yoga and pilates classes, gymnastics, olympic lifting and kickboxing sessions as well as one personal training session each week. 

These sessions range from early morning, mid morning, afternoon and evening so there’s always a time for you to attend around your lifestyle.

Absolutely! Our highly qualified coaches cater our sessions to suit all levels whether you’re brand new to exercise, returning to exercise after some time off or an expert! Regardless of your fitness level, experience, injuries or medical conditions you may have or your age, we can adapt our programming for you.

Our coaches are all training in not only managing injuries but also preventing and rehabilitating them. So if you have an injury, this is the perfect place to come as we will work to restore them to get you back to full capacity in no time.

This will be a combination of what you want to achieve (your goals) and how your body moves so we can improve your posture, performance and the function of your body (your needs).

It all depends on your body and your lifestyle. We can work out a program to fit in with your current schedule and get you great results. As long as you can commit to three sessions a week (even two to begin with) we’re sure we can provide you with outstanding results!

Depending on the session they range from 30-60 minutes.

Our flexibility classes are 30 minutes, strength and conditioning group sessions and pilates classes are 45 minutes, yoga and speciality classes such as kickboxing, gymnastics and olympic lifting are 60 minutes as well as our shared personal training sessions.

Using our epigenetic technology we can identify not only what type of food is best for your body but also the best times for you to eat, how to prepare your food and even guide you with a huge library of recipes that are suited to YOUR body.

You will have an assigned coach who will be responsible for supporting you and keeping you accountable during the program. They will check in with you weekly, see you during sessions, direct your focus to specific things each week so you aren’t overwhelmed with the program.

We absolutely do! If you find yourself unable to make it into the club sometimes or you go away for a couple of days we can still fit some sessions in. Our online hub has both pre-recorded sessions to follow along too and we run live online sessions throughout the week that focus on body weight movement – if you have weights at home though, we can incorporate them too!

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Limited places available